Gender madness exposed

2011-02-16 Wednesday
As I mentioned yesterday our front-runner in the struggle to save reason and logic from the postmodern feminist stranglehold is Tanja Bergkvist, a young women who grew up with mathematics and physics in a science-oriented family, with a mother who was born in Bulgaria and thus not afflicted with Swedish feminist folly. On her website Tanja puts up an hilarious and satirical show where she reveals all the stupendous “research projects” granted millions of dollars for the most unbelievable studies.

One of the smaller projects Tanja revealed had the title: “The Trumpet as a Gender Symbol”, which was granted almost 100 000 dollars from the governments main research foundation (VetenskapsrÃ¥det) for “problemizing the concepts of masculinity and femininity and closely examine the ideas which are active and constitutes the trumpet as a masculine marker”. An article by Tanja about this Gender Trumpet in a large newspaper made her name known, and made normal people laugh in resignation, but the gender feminists were not discouraged. After that we have had the discomfort to “enjoy” a seemingly never ending flow of “research” made by these esoteric scholars, of which 90 percent are women (speaking of gender equality!).

When we consider this development in large sectors dominated by feminists, it should becomes easier to understand from where the odd Swedish sex laws originate. Our laws on prostitution are unique in that they make it criminal to buy sex, but not to sell. It’s as if women were not accountable for their actions and in some way were incapacitated. And these laws have come into place in the name of women’s emancipation!

Perhaps the background for the prosecutors action towards Julian Assange now seems more clear, if not justified. One commonly says that Britain is bound to deliver Assange here, since Sweden must be considered a normal, lawful country. In that case the next question is whether he will be extradited to the United States or not. This is a question of enormous dimensions, since Assange risks severe punishment there, death penalty not excluded. In spite of that there is no discussion whatsoever in mainstream media here about this possibility. Not a single responsible person has stood up and guaranteed that Assange not will be extradited. Well, whoever lives shall see. Maybe Assange won’t belong to them.

Victimless sex crimes

2011-02-15 Tuesday
One thing about the Assange affair that has puzzled most of the world is the curious Swedish sex legislation. To be sentenced to prison for rape here doesn’t require that any violence has taken place, not even milder coercion than that. It’s sufficient that one part has said “no”, regardless of other circumstances. And sometimes this “no” is not explicitly necessary, for instance if a man is expected to know what the woman would have wanted anyway. So if a woman lies naked in bed with a man with whom she has had voluntary sex the evening before, and he enters her in the morning (without condom) while she is asleep, that can also be rape. And that seems to be the most serious of the suspicions aimed at Assange.

Someone may ask what the holy principle of equality under the law has to say in cases like these. What will for instance happen if a woman forces a reluctant man to have sex, with means of psychological mistreatment or any other improper coercion? Will she end up in jail? We will never know, since a case like that on no account will appear in a court, ever. There is only suppression of women, not of men. That’s the most holy principle, overriding all other principles.

With this principle as a foundation, and extreme postmodern gender theories as a driving force, the hard core of Swedish feminists have drifted away far out in the desert. The guru of this movement is Judith Butler (a US citizen I’m sad to say) who’s completely fabricated idea that different sexes doesn’t exist has led hordes of gullible women into an utterly unfruitful nonsense world. That’s harsh words which requires justification, which I hope to accomplish in coming Postcards. In that task I will just follow one of the brightest women in Sweden, a Ph.D. in mathematics named Tanja Bergkvist, who has declared total war against the mumbo jumbo that these deceived women are subjected to. We’ll come back to Tanja and this topic.

Assange – a Swedish disgrace

2011-02-14 Monday
In these days Sweden is of course most famous – or infamous – for the Assange affair. Our mainstream media – of which Dagens Nyheter (the New York Times of Sweden) is No. 1 – doesn’t really know on which foot to stand. Here we have freedom of expression at stake, but also a legislation on sexual behavior which is sacred for our feminists and last but not least the important relations with the United States. Consequently there is little of this and little of that on the matter, but above all a lot of silence.

There is an interesting thought experiment to make as a litmus test on the editorial staff at Dagens Nyheter (DN). We might just suppose that Assange had revealed, not US but Russian secrets of equivalent importance, and that prominent politicians and media people in Russia had screamed for him to be immediately executed. Furthermore that Russian authorities had carefully prepared a special court for Assange in a reliable district near Moscow and expected Sweden or some other country to deliver him on a silver plate.

In such a case there are no doubts whatsoever about which reactions to expect from DN. It would sound approximately like this: “Putin and his associates show there utter contempt for human rights when they seek to severely punish a man who just practices his elementary rights of free expression. This is what you can expect from these stone age-thinking post communists (of course in nicer wordings) and we must do our utmost to protect Assange from all evil. An extradition is out of question!” Regarding the case of possible rape we certainly could have expected the decision made by the first female prosecutor to stand, namely to drop the case (in the improbable event that the police officers had even bothered to forward the questions from the two girls in the first place).

That’s politics, same style here as everywhere. It’s just cute to watch people with unquestionably functioning brains act like trained dogs when it comes to these issues. It should be said that Swedish politics has been drifting slowly from the old social democrat ideals in a rightward direction since at least 20 years. And the newspapers have drifted along. But still our most conservative politicians wouldn’t feel uncomfortable among many of the liberals in the US. So there is always a perspective to take into account.

I believe there will be reasons to comment on this affair in the light of future events.

A detour: Tennis

2011-02-13 Sunday
As probably an exception we will leave the world of serious matters, and for a moment look into the circus of sports. Namely tennis.

Once upon a time Sweden was a superpower in this game. Björn Borg is of course rather well known, but after him came an army of followers who crowded the courts around the world. I believe Sweden once had 18 players or something like that in a Grand Slam draw. And I myself remember a big tournament where three of the four semifinalists were fellow countrymen. But that’s history.

Today we only have Robin Söderling. The next guy in line is an Australian ranked 200 something who happened to have dual citizenship and choose Sweden the other year. (Thus minimizing the competition he would meet to reach a Davis Cup team.)

The reason to dwell on tennis today is that Robin just won the 500 ATP-point tournament in Rotterdam, defeating Jo-Wilfred Tsonga in the final and winning tons of money. Robin has a decent serve which usually, together with a bomber forehand, takes him a long way into the tournaments. Ever since he ground down Rafael Nadal in the epic Roland Garros match in 2009, he has steadily improved his other strokes. With today’s victory he managed to defend his world number four position in the rankings.

One good thing with a deep love for tennis is that you can combine watching the game on television or computer with ironing shirts and such stuff. But enough with that! Tomorrow I will probably be back in the real world, i.e. after reading what the New York Times Internet edition has to say about Robins victory.

About Sweden

2011-02-12 Saturday
Let’s start from the very beginning. Sweden is the land of blond and beautiful girls. Nicht? No, not really. Sweden is the land where for instance one single city, Södertälje with 85 000 inhabitants, has received more refugees from Iraq than the whole of the United States of America. So with every year this becomes slowly a multicultural society where consequently darker hair and skin gets more and more common.

Sweden is a late developer, just a generation or two away from a backward peasant society. As one consequence the adaptability towards ethnic changes is not the very best. Swedes are however descent people by upbringing and have therefore on average a sound attitude towards immigrants. But a slow and steady development away from traditional social democrat values resulted after last years election in the first clearly anti-immigrant party in the parliament.

Some say we are the most Americanized country in Europe, which in certain respects is obviously true. On the other hand there is still a solid base for solidarity solutions, strong unions etcetera. In other words it’s an interesting cocktail.

This cocktail has recently been laced by a prosecutor’s activities regarding Julian Assange. I’m sure we will return to that story later on, but this is quite enough for one postcard today.


2011-02-11 Friday
Welcome to this modest blog and its English language page. Here we will publish snapshots from Sweden in a simple and comprehensive manner, hopefully. “We” that’s me – Lars Schaff – M.Eng. in chemistry and B.A. in political economy. You find my resume in Swedish on a separate page. You might at least understand the figures there, from which you learn that I’m close to 70 years old, and thus very experienced and somewhat out of fashion.

There is one thing that I’ll say only once: you have to pardon my English since I have no English native in the vicinity to correct my writing.

The topics on my web pages have a few things in common. First of all I try to build on the foundations created by the Enlightenment. Thus reason and clarity are ideals, not that I pretend to fulfill them, but it’s certainly my ambition. Since reason and Enlightenment together creates leftist solutions on political questions, you will see some of that here. I owe you this declaration so that you can leave right here if your political inclination is to the right of Michael Moore or someone like him.

Since it’s Friday afternoon and I had a quite sudden impulse to open this page, I will stop here and prepare for a more substantial start tomorrow. By till then!