Winds from the left

2011-03-11 Friday
Yesterday the election committee presented its result, and nominated a candidate to become the new chairman of the Social Democrats, a not so well known man called HÃ¥kan Juholt. He is a member of the parliament and chairman of the defense committee there. This decision has the support of the boards of the 20 plus party districts around the country. Apparently they thought that the old, well-known guys have their best days behind them, and choose this new, energetic man who is believed to position himself somewhat to the left of the mainstream within the party.

Most people here haven’t seen Juholt in action until yesterday. At the press conference he gave a vivid and positive impression and didn’t conceal his concern for the people in most need. Probably he surprised not a few with a commanding presence and swift answers. Anyway, the center-right (what we here call liberal) papers today immediately played down their readers expectations by somewhat disparaging remarks about the new candidate. This is indeed a promising sign for the Social Democrats.

The party’s former leadership had the illusion that success in elections depended on how well they could impersonate the political ideas of the bourgeoisie parties. This was called “to adjust to the mainstream line” in politics. Now the frontiers are more clearly defined and the forces ready to action. It’s spring coming!

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