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Victimless sex crimes

2011-02-15 Tuesday
One thing about the Assange affair that has puzzled most of the world is the curious Swedish sex legislation. To be sentenced to prison for rape here doesn’t require that any violence has taken place, not even milder coercion than that. It’s sufficient that one part has said “no”, regardless of other circumstances. And sometimes this “no” is not explicitly necessary, for instance if a man is expected to know what the woman would have wanted anyway. So if a woman lies naked in bed with a man with whom she has had voluntary sex the evening before, and he enters her in the morning (without condom) while she is asleep, that can also be rape. And that seems to be the most serious of the suspicions aimed at Assange.

Someone may ask what the holy principle of equality under the law has to say in cases like these. What will for instance happen if a woman forces a reluctant man to have sex, with means of psychological mistreatment or any other improper coercion? Will she end up in jail? We will never know, since a case like that on no account will appear in a court, ever. There is only suppression of women, not of men. That’s the most holy principle, overriding all other principles.

With this principle as a foundation, and extreme postmodern gender theories as a driving force, the hard core of Swedish feminists have drifted away far out in the desert. The guru of this movement is Judith Butler (a US citizen I’m sad to say) who’s completely fabricated idea that different sexes doesn’t exist has led hordes of gullible women into an utterly unfruitful nonsense world. That’s harsh words which requires justification, which I hope to accomplish in coming Postcards. In that task I will just follow one of the brightest women in Sweden, a Ph.D. in mathematics named Tanja Bergkvist, who has declared total war against the mumbo jumbo that these deceived women are subjected to. We’ll come back to Tanja and this topic.