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2011-02-11 Friday
Welcome to this modest blog and its English language page. Here we will publish snapshots from Sweden in a simple and comprehensive manner, hopefully. “We” that’s me – Lars Schaff – M.Eng. in chemistry and B.A. in political economy. You find my resume in Swedish on a separate page. You might at least understand the figures there, from which you learn that I’m close to 70 years old, and thus very experienced and somewhat out of fashion.

There is one thing that I’ll say only once: you have to pardon my English since I have no English native in the vicinity to correct my writing.

The topics on my web pages have a few things in common. First of all I try to build on the foundations created by the Enlightenment. Thus reason and clarity are ideals, not that I pretend to fulfill them, but it’s certainly my ambition. Since reason and Enlightenment together creates leftist solutions on political questions, you will see some of that here. I owe you this declaration so that you can leave right here if your political inclination is to the right of Michael Moore or someone like him.

Since it’s Friday afternoon and I had a quite sudden impulse to open this page, I will stop here and prepare for a more substantial start tomorrow. By till then!