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Bad Food

2011-02-22 Tuesday
Instead of skiing and blogging I’ve spent the last days in bed, food poisoned. A had a bad wiener schnitzel at a cheep road eatery and paid for that twice. But anyhow it gave me today’s topic.

Food poisoning is a much more common decease than would be necessary, regarding that the reason too often is inadequate knowledge. In this otherwise well regulated society it’s much too easy for anyone to start a business serving food without adequate knowledge of food hygiene. In that respect the private kitchen is of course an even higher risk factor.

As a consequence, about 1,8 million individuals in Sweden suffer from food poisoning every year, with a seriousness that keeps them in bed for at least a day. That means one out of five Swedes, each year. This sickness is painful, costly and (in theory) quit unnecessary. Occasionally a few people even die. Still there is no much fuss about the issue.

I believe people in general doesn’t regard this as a big problem. On the other hand there is intense debate over other food issues with much less impact than food poisoning, for instance pesticides, food additives, GMO and other man-made phenomena which poses a negligible risk in comparison.

This consequent inconsequence in our everyday thinking is a human attribute over which there is no point to brood, if you don’t want to shorten your own life from despair.