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Gender madness exposed

2011-02-16 Wednesday
As I mentioned yesterday our front-runner in the struggle to save reason and logic from the postmodern feminist stranglehold is Tanja Bergkvist, a young women who grew up with mathematics and physics in a science-oriented family, with a mother who was born in Bulgaria and thus not afflicted with Swedish feminist folly. On her website Tanja puts up an hilarious and satirical show where she reveals all the stupendous “research projects” granted millions of dollars for the most unbelievable studies.

One of the smaller projects Tanja revealed had the title: “The Trumpet as a Gender Symbol”, which was granted almost 100 000 dollars from the governments main research foundation (VetenskapsrÃ¥det) for “problemizing the concepts of masculinity and femininity and closely examine the ideas which are active and constitutes the trumpet as a masculine marker”. An article by Tanja about this Gender Trumpet in a large newspaper made her name known, and made normal people laugh in resignation, but the gender feminists were not discouraged. After that we have had the discomfort to “enjoy” a seemingly never ending flow of “research” made by these esoteric scholars, of which 90 percent are women (speaking of gender equality!).

When we consider this development in large sectors dominated by feminists, it should becomes easier to understand from where the odd Swedish sex laws originate. Our laws on prostitution are unique in that they make it criminal to buy sex, but not to sell. It’s as if women were not accountable for their actions and in some way were incapacitated. And these laws have come into place in the name of women’s emancipation!

Perhaps the background for the prosecutors action towards Julian Assange now seems more clear, if not justified. One commonly says that Britain is bound to deliver Assange here, since Sweden must be considered a normal, lawful country. In that case the next question is whether he will be extradited to the United States or not. This is a question of enormous dimensions, since Assange risks severe punishment there, death penalty not excluded. In spite of that there is no discussion whatsoever in mainstream media here about this possibility. Not a single responsible person has stood up and guaranteed that Assange not will be extradited. Well, whoever lives shall see. Maybe Assange won’t belong to them.